Founder and Managing Director


Dr. Mahmood Ahmed Khan

Founder and Managing Director

Dr. Mahmood Ahmed Khan, Founder and Managing Director, has been in the industry since 2004 with an enriched experience of building the structures of many esteemed organizations and has served in the capacity of HR Managerial positions since 2011.

He has done Doctorate in Business Administration from European Institute of Management and Technology together with dual masters; M.Sc. in Corporate Management with distinction from University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Berlin-Germany and MBA with Bi-majors: HR and Marketing from Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi-Pakistan. He also possesses over 50 professional certifications (Prominent ones include PMP, various HR certifications, Google Certifications and FIATA's Advance Diploma in Supply Chain Management from PIFFA Institute on scholarship) that helps initially in the construction and growth of his employers' corporate business ventures and now in the improvement of his prestigious clients' business entities.

Dr. Mahmood Ahmed Khan is a go-getter; an outstandingly determined individual for whom no challenge is insurmountable and no hurdle is impassable. He has this demonstrated ability to accept the most difficult of projects and accomplish them with his resolve and hard work. These unique qualities have held him in good stead, & with his never diminishing drive to succeed & reach new level of excellence, the future holds great hopes for him.

He didn’t start Global HR Management Services just to make a buck. He wanted to make an exceptional organization that customers would love and a company where employees would enjoy coming to work. If he could accomplish both—spoiler alert: he did—he knew financial success would follow. But success at Global HR Management Services is about much more than making money. It’s about loving what he does because it makes a difference, and knowing his work supports his clients’ personal lives—not the other way around.

He enjoys the challenges of improving policies and procedures that will facilitate growth, maintain control and increase the success of his clients.

“To win in the market place, you must first win the workplace.” — Dr. Mahmood Ahmed Khan